Below are some examples of my work, ranging from marketing copy, reviews, to product endorsement articles, and interviews. All articles are published on medium.com.

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I am currently a News Writer for The List, focusing on Women’s lifestyle, wellness, and entertainment. Check out my profile and recent articles here!

Some of my favorites:

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Reviews & Marketing Articles

Come For The Food, Stay For The Wine

Disney’s California Adventure Food & Wine Festival 2022 brings joy to the stomach, wonder to the imagination… and a painful blow to our wallets. While the festival definitely appeals to the grown-ups need for food and drink, it offers something for everyone. It is a celebration of culture and culinary history, with activities throughout the day for all ages. I was fortunate enough to taste over 20 items offered at the festival, and give my honest opinion about the best and the worst Disney had to offer. Read the article here!

The Eternals: Internally Misogynistic?

While I enjoy every Marvel movie in some form or another, The Eternals promised too much and delivered too little, especially in the category of strong, female lead. What could have been a story about a woman manipulated and hurt who rises above her trauma and becomes a leader resisting her toxic ex, became yet another story about a damsel in distress, doubting herself thanks to the men she is surrounded by. Read my movie review here!

Traditions for the Untraditional: A Modern Guide to Wedding Planning

Ever wonder where those silly wedding traditions came from? Starting to feel the stress of who sits where, who wears what, and who said we needed all this anyway? Luckily, there are ways to make your wedding uniquely you, with low stress and no guilt! Hosts of the podcast “Something Blue: Wedding Planning with a 21st Century Bride and Groom chat about all ways they navigated through trends, traditions, and expectations leading up to their big day, and their podcast can guide you too! Read the article here.

The Day My Life Changed: My Air Fryer’s Story

A tale as old as time: girl is gifted air fryer, girl falls in love with air fryer, girl never uses another kitchen product other than air fryer ever again. While the Superhero Air Fryer XXL 4-in-1 may not be a real product, the marketing for it in my article sure is! Read the product review and endorsement article here.

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